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Products & Services


Single Phase UPS

Eaton E Series NV UPS (600VA - 2 KVA)

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes fluctuating power sources
Protects connected equipment from five of the most common power anomalies
Microprocessor control design ensures high reliability
Data surge protection protects phone, modem and internet connections

Eaton 9130 (700VA-6kVA)

Protects against downtime, data loss and process interruption by providing continuous, clean power
Offers premium performance with a 0.9 power factor and >95 percent efficiency
Enables prologed untime of essential equiment during power outages

E Series DX-LCD UPS (1-6kVA)

Advanced Battery Management(ABM)
Intuitive LCD screen provides real-time updates of UPS status
Ideal for mission critical applications

Eaton E Series DX UPS (10-20kVA)

On-line double conversion topology
Wide input-voltage range appropriate for the hardest electrical environment
Automatic bypass for tault-tolerance

Eaton 9155 (10-30kVA)

Hot Sync* redundancy
Advanced Battery Management (ABM), providing upto 50% longer battery life time.
High 0.9 p.f. output rating for server and computer loads
User friendly LCD display
Web/SNAMP and ModBus monitoring capablity
Software Suite bundled

Eaton EX (0.7,1 & 1.5 kVA)

The Pulsar output sockets are individually controlled to provide load-shedding to maximise the backup time
1 to 4 EXB battery units can be added to the Plusar EX
A wide range of options using the Solution Pac supplied: SNMP and HTML, ModBus / JBus and relay output.

Eaton MX (5kVA - 20kVA)

Two front access hot-swappables sub-modules ( power and battery) for maintanance without load interruption
Internal bypass built-in to supply the load even if the UPS fails.
More power with an output power factor of 0.9

Eaton EX RT (7 - 11kVA)

Comprehensive range of Power Distribution Units
from 10 minutes to 2 hours with battery modules or up to 8 hours using CIA changes module
Large input voltage range without draining the battery

Three Phase UPS

Eaton 9355 (10-40kVA)

Protects connected equipment from all of the nine most common power problems
Delivers extra capacity or redundancy through patented Powerware Hot Sync technology for paralleling of mutiple modules
ABM technology ensures date and system intergrity with complete power management, and shutdown
Eliminates utility distortion and increases reliability by reducing total input harmonic distortion (IHD) to less than five percent

E Series DX (20-80kVA)

Excellent protection against dusty environment
N+X Redundancy
Intelligent management of battery's charge and discharge
Easy operations and maintenance function
Dual line input function
High performance DSP processor

Eaton 93E (15-400kVA)

Low THD of less than 3 percent
Input power factor of 0.99
Output power rated at 0.9 power factor
Double -conversion design
Powerware Hot Sync technology
Integrated battery management system
Remote monitoring of the UPS and battery system

Eaton 9395 (275 - 1100 kVA & multiples for higher capacity)

Provides unimatched power performance for efficient, input current harmonic distortion (THD), and power factor
Eliminates the need to switch to bypass for service with concurrent serviceability
Delivers the highest reliability and availability for large, mission-critical systems by intergrating a redundant multi-module UPS into a single, pre-wired unit

DC Power Systems

Sc200 System Controller

Ethernet interface built in
SNMP agent
Battery mid point monitoring
Eaton Fual Saver
SMS alarm message ( GSM modem)
Comprehensive system control functions

APR 48 3G Rectifier (1.8 KW)

Fast on line expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap)
Automatic set-up from system controller
Intelligent microprocessor controlled
Industry leading power density
High efficient and unity power facto

CR 48-3G Core Power Rectifier (5.8 KW)

Fast on-line expansion of rectifiers ( hot-swap)
Intelligent microprocessor controlled
Automatic set-up from sysyetm controller
High efficienct and unity power factor
Wide AC supply conditions

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