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Project Management

During the installation of your critical power system DS SYSTEMS project management team works with the site team to ensure the smooth running of the project. This includes full logistics support in delivery and installation. All site-specific conditions such as business continuity, access, space constraints and floor loadings will have been assessed by our design team and factored into the planning schedule by our project managers to ensure that your system is installed safely, on time and with minimum risk to your business throughout the project.

Using highly trained service and installation engineers and any number of strategic service partners, DS SYSTEMS provides a complete electrical and mechanical installation package. Professional engineers will then commission and test the complete installation to verify system integrity.

Several levels of testing are available to suit the specific systems and application. Tests ranging from building load tests to fully integrated system tests are used to match operational requirements as closely as possible. Bespoke testing regimes are often designed to mirror the exacting customer requirements of any critical power installation.

Sizing and Selection

No IT setup is alike and purely depends on the business needs of the organization. The Power Protection solution therefore can never be alike. Site power conditions, business needs and application plays a very vital role in selecting the best suited Power Protection Solution. It is therefore essential to exactly identify the following prior to deciding on the UPS.

Identifying Power Demand
Analyzing basic site conditions
Identifying criticality of various IT resources and their applications
Identifying network and power management needs

DS SYSTEMS provides all the above services on On-Site basis and ensuring the following benefits to the users.

Proper UPS sizing and selection is done after exact load calculations using sophisticated tools and software
Appropriate technology implementation based on the specific business needs
Complete adherence to Industry standards
Complete control and management
Lowest total cost of ownership

Delivery and Implementation

DS SYSTEMS offers fast delivery of high reliability, cost effective UPS solutions for business and personal customers. DS SYSTEMS provides a complete solution including surveys, risk and method statements and service all backed by a project management office staffed with knowledgeable applications engineers that fully understand their customer's needs.

DS SYSTEMS provides customer-centred power solutions for protection against power fluctuations and failures to prevent data loss and expensive system downtime. DS SYSTEMS is building on its many years of experience in the field of uninterruptible power systems to provide cost effective, easy-to-operate products. The company also supplies high-end products for IT infrastructure, together with extensive availability logistics and support services. DS SYSTEMS is a company with an illustrious past which aims to continue setting standards in the future.

System Testing

Your critical power system is there to give you peace of mind that it will work when you need it. To ensure that the system is fully capable of supporting critical load, DS SYSTEMS offers a wide range of system tests, from building load tests through to fully integrated system tests with reactive load banks.

DS SYSTEMS has its own fleet of load banks which can be used during commissioning and maintenance to prove the integrity of all aspects of your critical power installation, including batteries, air flow cooling, fuel delivery and safety devices.

Before the system is handed over it will go through extensive Factory Acceptance Testing and Site
Acceptance Testing in accordance with the agreed customer witness testing program to ensure total
confidence in the system.

Once the system is in place, DS SYSTEMS also offers a number of diagnostic services including:

Battery life cycle trending a simple test to check cell condition and detect how well the battery has aged
Load test using a portable load bank to simulate conditions for the power supply equipment, ensures that the installation can support the real load when required
Generator load testing impact, duration and overload tests

Integrated Systems

Setting up a new power station with backup generators along with control systems, emission and noise control systems or revamping of the existing one demand an exceptional expertise. As the size of such integration project goes up, the technical expertise, project management capabilities, financial strength and more over well balanced process need to be well in place. Years of consistent focus on the technical expertise, a customer centric work culture and business ethics has ensured that DS SYSTEMS emerges as a preferred power system integrator and project management partner for some of the big names in the industries and business segments in India.

Scope of a project comprises design, assembly or fabrication, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of various systems, equipments and accessories for a facility power system. Supply or assembly scope of a project may include systems like DG sets of different capacities; various controls panels, acoustic and exhaust system, cooling systems etc. Superior design capabilities, time line based installation activities, quality control of supplied components, quality assurance of workmanship of site assembly, techno-functionality of the systems and a process to thread various activities across the life cycle of the project embody the project management.



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