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Avior Series Line-interactive UPS Systems

Inbuilt & External Batteries

  • Total DIGITAL Controls
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Active Voltage Regulation
  • Single Chip Embedded UPS Engine
  • Complete Power Integrity & Management
  • Advanced Charge Profile Algorithm
  • Superior Dynamic Response

Astra STS Series Static Transfer Switch

  • Automatic transfer electric loads between two independent AC power sources.
  • Real-time SCR fault sensing, preventing fault propagation
  • Interlocking of hardware & software to avoid make before switching
  • Superior Dynamic Response
  • Full protection of critical power applications
  • Complete diagnostics through a user friendly interface.

Croma Series On-Line UPS Systems

  • True double conversion On-Line PWM IGBT technology
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Input Power Factor correction (upto 0.99)
  • User friendly LCD display
  • Fully digitized microprocessor/ DSP controlled
  • USB / RS 232 communication port / SNMP with monitoring software
  • Extended back up time with battery pack