General Services

As a leading manufacturer, supplier and consultant for power protection to the corporate, industrial and private sectors in North-east India, DS SYSTEMS is a Critical Power Solutions & Management (CPSM) Company.

The DS SYSTEMS Difference

Working with DS SYSTEMS ensures that the system you buy is tailored to your business requirements, both now and in the future. The company’s commitment to all these is manifested abundantly by the fact that most of it’s sales tend to be repeat orders.

The Value of Service on Business Critical Systems

The impact of Business Critical Systems is conventionally measured and described either in terms of loss of revenue or employee productivity. More and more applications are now entering the business critical space. Poor performance can equal loss of productivity for internal employees, partners, and even the IT department as they try to troubleshoot problems thereby negatively impacting the company's revenue.

DS SYSTEMS ensures that your business doesn’t have to face the consequences of revenue losses and ensures 99.9% uptime with its state of the art power supply equipments.

Service Coordination and Planning

DS SYTEMS' project teams treat every customer oriented project as a unique one. Each team takes care of the project right from load study, system design and order through to commissioning.

The following are taken care of:

  • Detailed project schedule
  • Complete set of technical drawings
  • UPS system detailing, including installation and operation procedures
  • Drawing approval
  • UPS inspection and testing
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Delivery schedule
  • Commissioning

Customer Services Network

Since it’s inception in 1995, DS SYSTEMS has focused on positioning itself as a customer oriented company. The company has always created a sense of belonging and has enjoyed a very high level of confidence with customers. Over the years of operation, conscious approaches have been reflected in it’s service policies as well which in turn have resulted in consistent growth in each year of operation.

With the aim to fulfil the after sales need of it’s customers, DS SYSTEMS has established a team of highly motivated professionals in the field of service engineering. The company has several Customer Support Centres located in many locations in North-east India. These Centers provide an efficient back-up support to it’s customers with service teams consisting of trained qualified graduate engineers, with considerable field experience in maintaining & servicing of UPS Systems.

The Support Centres in the region are well stocked with necessary spares to take care of all contingencies thus ensuring a fast response time. As a part of the company’s policy to be client oriented, sufficient amount of spares is maintained for ensuring a fast response time. Sufficient tools & equipment such as DMMs, AMMs, CRO, Variac, Test Jigs, Load Banks, High Precision Soldering Equipment etc. are also available to effectively undertake servicing jobs thereby ensuring an average 99.9% uptime.